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None right now, check back later!


March 11, 2014- Tuesday

Two quick announcements- One, our first game, appropriately named "The First," now has a page on IndieDB! (Here's the link- Two, due to some major problems and possibly even some legal trouble, we've moved off the unity engine, and begun making our own. This engine will be called the TACO, or Toolkit Animation Collaborative Office, and will come with many features like the ability to create 3D models and some types of sounds within the engine. Of course, engines take a lot of work, so this may take a while. Most of us estimate it will be up some in September of 2015, but we don't want to have to keep you guys waiting, so we'll try to get both the engine and The First out before that date. The engine will have a page on IndieDB and will be buyable here on the site, so all you can have your own TACO!

Stay Classy!

February 16, 2014- Sunday

Now that we have the site set up, we can show off all our games! We won't have any games up for a while, but when they are they'll be up on and

Stay classy!

March 15, 2014- Saturday

Wow, this engine stuff is hard work... It's gonna be a while before we release any games... 


Well, we have a solution! Did you know it's possible to create a game using only notepad? Well, it is! TEXT is a text adventure game we've begun work on to fill the gap between games while the TACO is developed. We'll announce progress as it happens.


Stay Classy!

May 6, 2014- Tuesday

Ever have one of those moments where you said something, and it turns out to not be true, and you have to go back on it and change what you said? Well, this is one of those moments. All of our problems with the unity engine are... Well... Gone. They just stopped happening. And our legal troubles were resolved, too, so you can be expecting The First much sooner! Yaaaaaay...




Stay classy?

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